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  Jinan Kangzheng aluminum industry co., LTD was set up for 13 years, has a mature marketing experience, extensive sales channels, products through the 2000 version of ISO9001 quality system certification Products was awarded as national provincial ministry excellent products. Products are exported to many countries and regions Sell well in more than 20 domestic provinces cities and autonomous regions

  Our company mainly produces all kinds of aluminum alloy plate, coil, aluminum strip, pressed aluminium plate (tile), aluminum plate, decorative pattern aluminum plate for signs and super wide, long, super thick aluminum plate, steel with solid aluminium wire, aluminum and other products, cooperating and metal aluminium powder production line using nitrogen atomization method production technology to produce fine spherical aluminum powder, widely used in aerospace, mould, instruments and meters, chemical industry, construction, packaging, anti-corrosion insulation, air conditioning, solar energy, refrigerators, transport, electronics, electrical appliances, curtain wall, logos, signs and other industries.

  The main products:

  1. The pipe insulation special 1060/3003/3 a21 antirust aluminum alloy, aluminum coil, stainless anticorrosion aluminum skin, applied to LvPai, aluminum busbar, capacitor, electric meter boxes, chassis, body, fuselage with aluminum plate and duct insulation, chemical industry, such as nuclear power plant piping insulation.

  2. The tank car, fire body metal deep drawing, deep drawing 3003 or 3 a21, 5052 brand O state of aluminum alloy plate, etc.

  3. Thick aluminium magnesium alloy plates, aluminum rods in 3. 5052, 5083, 5754, such as brand, can upset, widening and lengthening, alloy aluminum sheet, aluminum rods, 6061, 6061, T4 and T6 state, can be customized according to user requirements for cutting.

  4 jugs, oil tank, chemical products, such as corrosive acid, alkaline liquid containers with pure aluminum plate, material of 1070 or 1060, 5-10 mm, thickness, width can be customized.

  5. Special aluminium wire, enameled wire coating high purity aluminium wire, more than 99.65% purity, specifications more than 0.3 mm, can produce all kinds of aluminium wire plate.Spraying with aluminium wire: more than 99.65% purity, specification 0.3 millimeter above, can provide customers the production of various kinds of aluminium wire.Aluminium wire for electrician: it can be packing production line or wooden shaft electrical aluminium wire.9.5-12-15 mm above USES aluminium roll bar.

  6. aluminum wire, steel reinforced aluminium conductor: all kinds of specifications.

  7. Household aluminium foil,air-conditional aluminium foil.

  Material:8011 1235 1100 3003.


  8.Pattern non-slip aluminum plate, the big five bars aluminum sheet,diamond aluminum sheet, argyle aluminum sheet ,various kinds of pressure-type aluminum ,like 750 type/ 840 type/850 type/ 900 type, orange peel pattern Embossed aluminum sheet etc.

  Aluminum checkered sheet: alloy:1050 1060 1100 3003 5052 .thickness:0.9-3mm

  Aluminum corrugated sheet:alloy:1050 1060 1100 3003 5052 .thickness:0.2-1.5mm。

  9.Aluminium coated coil&sheet:PE or PVDF

  Alloy:1050 1060 3003 3005 5052 8011



  10.curtain wall and sign use aluminum sheet:alloy:1050 1060 3003 3a21


  Size:arrording to the requirements of customer

  11.Micro is spherical aluminum powder nitrogen atomization method production technology products;Products are 120 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, aluminum powder, 30-50 microns, 60-70 microns, such as aluminum powder, is the first selection of smelting industry products.Granularity, narrow distribution range, the spherical degree is high, less impurity content, active aluminum more than 98%, the appearance is silver, aluminum powder, high purity, suitable for composite materials, thermal spraying composite metal powder, ceramic composite pipe), chemical (various chemical catalyst and pesticides), metallurgy (aluminothermy metallurgy, steelmaking deoxidizer), fire-proof material (steel furnace magnesia carbon brick), new building materials (aerated concrete air agent), fireworks, etc.

  Company always pursues the "unity, innovation, integrity and dedication" spirit of enterprise, to carry out "quality first, integrity management, enthusiastic service, consistent," the quality policy, perfecting the extension of the upstream and downstream industry chain, enthusiasm to provide clients with electrolytic aluminium and aluminium processing information, production technical guidance, and other services.The company all staff welcome Chinese and foreign friends to tourism, negotiate business, exchange technology, willing to high-quality products, excellent service, the credibility of sincere cooperation with Chinese and foreign people from all walks of life are widely.

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